CPE 2018

CPE morning seminar programme for 2018: Notaries Now:
What’s New:

  • The Masters of Facilities Priorities for 2018
  • The Competition and Markets Authority’s Legal Services Market Study - Government Response

The CMA carried out an investigation into the market which encompasses the work of all legal professions.
It found out that there were problems of transparency of price and quality and that consumers didn’t have the information they needed before employing a lawyer.

  • Will lawyers be required to publish prices on their websites so that pricing is transparent?
  • will lawyers have to engage with reviews and ratings?
  • A look at the latest Inspectors’ report with suggested compliance strategies
  • Rule changes

External regulations:

  • Anti-money laundering guidance: based on the combined Legal Sector Guidance on the money laundering regulations (there is, of course, no longer notary specific guidance).
  • Data protection: new, far-reaching rules that cannot be ignored


  • Fake documents; we look at genuine examples of fake documents that have been presented for notarisation; what constitutes a fake document, how to spot fraud and how to deal with fraudsters.
  • Preparing documents for legalisation 


CPE afternoon seminar programme for 2018: Data Protection, Cyber Security and Other Administrative Concerns:
Accredited Continuing Professional Education Learning Objectives

  • For notaries to be aware of their obligations under the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • Knowledge that will enable notaries to form proportionate and practical strategies to safeguard client dataand meet their legal obligations

As notaries will be aware, the Data Protection Act 1989 is being replaced with a new set of regulations; as of the 25th of May 2018, all UK businesses will be required to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations.

These far-reaching rules have impacted all businesses; notaries are no exception and fines for non-compliance are promised. Notariesmust take ownership of the personal and sensitive data that they collect and store; they must clearly state who is the data controller and how the collected data is to be used – this seminar tells you what you must do to stay on the right side of the law and provides practical strategies to help you stay ‘client -friendly’ at the same time.

The content of our seminar is geared specifically to notarial practice and how the GDPR affects the day-to-day operation of a notary's practise; it is broken down into the following segments; -

The sections that follow are:

    • Data protection principles
    • Preparing for the General Data
    • Protection Regulation
    • The Notary’s Code of Practice
    • Practical action plan: check list overview
    • Formulating a Client-Facing Data
    • Collection, Processing, Retention and Privacy Policy
    • Internal data protection policy and office manual
    • Consent form
    • Privacy Policies
    • Accepting instructions
    • Sample Client Registration Form,
    • sample Data Protection, Privacy and Consent Notice and sample Data Protection, Privacy Policy for your website.
    • Third party data handing policies
    • Frequently asked questions


    Notary delegates are provided with detailed notes containing immediately useable policies and implementation plans.

    Additional CPE Learning objectives
    Cyber Security
    Notaries need to understand the value of client data to cyber criminals and how such criminals can access data relatively easily: consider: -

    • What is social engineering: this involves a fraudster skilfully manipulating an individual to assist their criminal activities. It may be easier to trick you or a computer co-user (via an infected email) to inadvertently place malware on a system than it is to directly hack the system itself.
    • How Protect Yourself from Social Engineering Attacks
    • Phishing: Cyber criminals frequently send emails pretending to be someone else ….  By making the email appeared to be from a legitimate source, the recipient …
    • Spear phishing: these scams differ from ordinary phishing scams in that …
    • The Internet of Things

    It’s all about the Data

    Other daily and administrative concerns:
    As time and interest dictates, we choose from topics related to ‘The Business of being a Notary’