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CPE 2018

CPE morning seminar programme for 2018: Notaries Now:
What’s New:

    • The Masters of Facilities Priorities for 2018
    • The recently amended Notarial Inspection Criteria asks  “ does the notary seek feedback…” Will lawyers have to engage with reviews and ratings?
    • What else is new? We look at the latest Inspectors’ report and suggest compliance strategies
    • Rule changes

External regulations:

    • Anti-money laundering guidance
    • Data protection: new, far-reaching rules that cannot be ignored


    • Fake documents; we look at genuine examples of fake documents that have been presented for notarisation; what constitutes a fake document, how to spot fraud and how to deal with fraudsters.
    • Preparing documents for legalisation – the ever-changing requirements for China!


CPE afternoon seminar programme for 2018: Data Protection, Cyber Security and Other Administrative Concerns:
Accredited Continuing Professional Education Learning Objectives

    • Are you fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
    • And keeping up with the Notary’s Code of Practice?
    • How are your proportionate and practical strategies that safeguard client data?
    • Who has access to your client data?
    • The recently amended Notarial Inspection Criteria asks “what action has the notary taken to ensure that the confidentiality of notarial records is preserved, including against hacking. We discuss Cyber-crime and how to avoid being a victim.
    • What is social engineering? And how protect yourself from social engineering attacks


Other daily and administrative concerns:
As time and interest dictates, we choose from topics related to ‘The Business of being a Notary’