Law Computer Services Ltd.

How times have changed! 

In the 1980’s, the challenge was to explain how to double-click on the mouse (what is a mouse?) and, getting delegates to hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key and another key at the same time, could take up to an hour!  At that time, using a computer was alien to lawyers, indeed to most business managers.

The company was founded by Lisa Preuveneers in 1982 under the name of Law Computer Services. We developed ‘Conveyancing Plus’ to automate the production of semi- standard letters.  It soon became apparent that if a firm was to increase profits by efficiency, then management needed to be involved – hence the south London training studio featured in the image above.

The firm’s name changed at the turn of the century; we still look at how the application of technology drives profit.  We assist a small number of law firms to manage effectively for growth, profit and succession. more about this service   

For Notaries

Our current focus for notaries is compliance: without practical, in-built compliance strategies a firm cannot flourish in the long term. I’m sure many lawyers can empathise with ’the high cost of getting it wrong’.

For Solicitors

Our current focus for lawyers generally is data protection and cyber security; our seminars and workshops count for CPD. 

Additional seminars and workshops or we-come-to-you meetings can may be arranged; please contact Lisa Preuveneers
Lisa Preuveneers