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We are privileged to be able to stay on the Parliamentary Estate for the duration of this Continuing Professional Education special programme.

We start with a 75-minute guided tour of the Palace of Westminster; following which we transfer, via an underground tunnel, to Portcullis Housefor a meeting with Crispin Blunt MP. A light lunch is served.

Portcullis House

As Parliamentary time is limited, we transfer, by kind arrangement with Helen Grant MP (a former Parliamentary Under-Secretary in The Ministry of Justice), to a meeting room within the House of Commons. 

Delegates will assemble outside at 10 am to clear security in time for a 10.30 start.


Crispin Blunt MP Former Parliamentary Under-Secretary in The Ministry of Justice and Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee.

The role of The Foreign Affairs Committee is to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Joseph Robertson
CITF FdSc BSc (Hons) Chartered ALIBF
Relationship Director with Lloyds Bank
Joseph works closely with larger professional services firms and well understands the need for due diligence; he will talk to us about anti-money laundering regulations, precautions and strategies as well as data protection.

CPE Hours

    The seminar will provide 3 ACCREDITED CPE HOURS; topics are: -
  • Anti-Money laundering guidance for professional services providers and General Data Protection Regulations presented by Joseph Robertson CITFFdSc BSc (Hons) Chartered ALIBF Relationship Director with Lloyds Bank
  • Data Protection policies and strategies for Notaries presented by Lisa Preuveneers MBA
  • Notaries Now update
  • Fake documents; we look at genuine examples of fake documents that have been presented for notarisation;