Welcome to Law Consultancy Services NEW schedule for 2024! Support Services for Notaries Public Experts in the Business Management of SME Law Firms
Welcome to Law Consultancy Services NEW schedule for 2024! Support Services for Notaries Public Experts in the Business Management of SME Law Firms
CPE Courses

Digestible CPE courses for your practice

Notaries are required to undertake six hours of study each year with 1 CPE point awarded for each hour of study.  Three of the six hours must be ‘accredited’ the professional regulator – The Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Our distance learning and hybrid remote programmes can be ordered and paid for online and instantly downloaded at any time, day or night.

Our small-group seminars facilitate group conversation – the notary can learn and benefit from the experiences of other notaries.


Delivering CPE content

We have been delivering accredited programmes since compulsory CPE was first introduced. Many notaries have commented that our seminars are the best they have ever attended!

Law Consultancy Services offers 3 main course types:

  • Seminar: in-person, face-to-face events and some specials – such as the ‘Legalisation Special’ – where we take a private tour of the FCDO flagship building.
  • Zoom Remote Learning: all the benefits of face-to-face without the travel.
  • Distance Learning: detailed learning notes are provided.

NEW FOR 2023/24:

  • Remote Hybrid Learning: Detailed learning notes are provided ahead of a shorter Zoom discussion meeting instead of a questionnaire to be completed.

There are under 800 notaries public operating in England and Wales, most are independent, working on their own, often without business support. Having someone knowledgeable to turn to from time-to-time can be very reassuring.  Perhaps a coach.

A coach is someone who provides guidance on day-to-day difficulties.  Coaching is often short-term, delivered within 10 – or 15-minute conversations.  When difficulties arise and answers are sought, the coach will ask (the right) questions, giving the coachee time to reflect.

Ambitious notaries can benefit from the services of a management consultant.  Management consultants focus on people (clients and influencers) and the less quantifiable parts of the business (for example, vision, strategic objectives, forward planning, expansion, and growth).

We, at LCS, have just the expertise and experience you need.

Our services start with a no-cost exploratory telephone or Zoom conversation.  This is followed with a chargeable, no-obligation-to-proceed,  initial face-to-face meeting to establish how we can help and what outcomes are desired.  

Contact Lisa directly  – by contact form, email to lisa@lawconsultancyservices.co.uk or on 07801 947 298 to enquire further.

Seminar at Middle Temple Hall, Preceeding Tour of Royal Courts of Justice (2022)

Continous Professional Education for Notaries

Delivered via in-person seminars, meetings via Zoom, distance learning and remote hybrid learning.

Accredited topics this year:
  • Anti Money Laundering and Strategies to Spot Fraud.      includes mandatory 1-hour AML. 

  • Corporate Transparency, Client Identification, and Document Verification

  • The Electronic Execution of Documents.

  • Notaries Now: Keeping up to date 2024 (includes how to ‘hack’ Google and using Generative Artificial Intelligence)
Special Events

‘Legalisation Special’ seminar followed by a private tour of the Foreign and Commonwealth development Office in London’s Whitehall!

Many notaries have enjoyed previous special events; these include visiting  the old library inside Lambeth Place, touring the House of Commons and the House of Lords  with the preceding seminar held in Portcullis House, Middle Temple Hall and the Royal Courts of Justice.

Program for 2024

In-person seminars are split into  morning and afternoon sessions: these 3-hour sessions may be booked separately.  Or book all-day to enjoy mixing with colleagues over the included light lunch and save money on the combined cost. Session run from 9.30 to 12.45 pm then 1.30 to 4.30 pm.  Note the afternoon session is not fully accredited for CPE but does count as part of the 6 hours you need: this is because we cover matter of general practise efficiency.

Schedule: Dates & Locations
In person seminar venues: Central London, subject to numbers, Bristol, Birmingham and Copthorne near Gatwick.

Choose your learning style

If you are you struggling with conflicts of interest, trying to balance your time, or consider that notarial work should be better integrated with solicitor’s work – you will find this CPE Zoom programme useful.

The best of both Notarial CPE worlds | No need to leave the building | Interactive small group conversations with the opportunity to ask questions |  Order and pay online and immediately download the comprehensive course notes

Self-study distance learning is designed for notaries that wish to study at their own pace. Programmes can be ordered, paid for and downloaded in one simple online transaction. Hassle free and convenient to you!

Our small-group seminars provide plenty of interaction and discussion. Many notaries return year-on-year to the useful and enjoyable face-to-face seminars.  Detailed notes are provided to act as an ongoing aide-memoire.