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Covering aspects of coaching and mentoring, strategy planning and online management.

Law Services


Law Consultancy Services (LCS) was founded by Lisa Preuveneers in the 1980’s.  It started life as Law Computer Services Limited – a facilities management company for a high street firm of solicitors.  The company developed a ‘turnkey system’ – a package of computer(s) printer(s) and all the software necessary to vastly increase efficiency and improve productivity – particularly in the Conveyancing process. 

The unique systems we created were sold to other solicitor practices.  Later, as such systems become common place, emphasis turned to general productivity; LCS is now a boutique consultancy company.


Turn complex problems into easy opportunities

Sometimes all you need is another person to put all your ideas and ambitions to in order to get a clear path for you to take action on. We provide expertise on the subject of law firms and can provide coaching, mentoring and consultancy for your firm.

Coaching and mentoring are about helping people to get where they want to go by leveraging the experience of the coach or mentor.  Both are extremely effective learning techniques.

Consultancy is where proactive expert advice, analysis and solutions are provided to enable a law firm to develop and expand. A consultant will help in developing strategy, business plans, and identifying areas for growth within a company.


A mentor is someone who shares their knowledge, skills, and experience, to help another to develop and grow over time.  Mentoring often takes place informally and on a daily basis in the office, possibly as part of succession planning or as a route to promotion or the gaining professional of qualifications.  Where an external mentor is used, the process is likely to be  more formal; more outcome orientated.  


A coach is someone who provides guidance on day-to-day difficulties.  Coaching is often short-term and may be as short as a quick 10- or 15-minute conversation.  When difficulties arise and answers are sought, the coach will ask (the right) questions, giving the coachee time to reflect and to do most of the talking. Again, this often take place in-house and is not always obvious.

Law Services

Success as a Law Firm

Many  partners, and even practice managers,  have received little or no formal business education.  You may think -how hard can it be… I’m a good lawyer.  But are you a people person or a people manager?

Why do some firms just seem ‘to have it’? The right clients, a dedicated staff, great contacts, and connections.  In my view ‘it’ starts at the top – with leadership and strategy.  Leadership, how to create a great strategy and how to monitor and manage the firm’s culture, are skills that can be learnt – with the right help!

We have been there and done that! Founded, built up and successfully sold.   Our Coaching, Mentoring and Consultancy services encapsulates all the high and lows, what works, and which tactics are not so good…

To learn from experience can be a long and painful process; far better to learn from experience of others -us, our experience.

We consider the theory and make practical, profitable suggestions as to how, not only managing the law firm, but how to lead it to enhanced business success.


Consultancy with LCS

Sometimes the terms ‘business consulting’ and ‘management consulting’ are used interchangeably. Business consulting tends to relate to business processes (which might include back-office efficiency, HR or finance), whereas management consulting will focus on people and the less quantifiable parts of the business (for example, culture, vision, strategic objectives, delivering change, forward planning, managing expansion and growth).

For law firms that could use some short-term expertise in a particular area without wishing to take on the commitment of additional staff, consultancy is a popular option.   Consultancy offers an affordable way of benefiting from senior-level expertise at a reasonable cost.

We, at LCS have the academic knowledge and the ‘on the ground’ experience necessary to assist with operational (admin systems people management, compliance, record keeping etc.) and strategic matters (developing business plans and identifying areas for growth).

Our services start with a no-cost exploratory telephone or Zoom conversation.  This is followed with a chargeable, no-obligation-to-proceed,  initial face-to-face meeting to establish how we can help and what outcomes are desired.  We will talk about timescales, frequency and contact methods and budget.